Essential oils are highly concentrated and come from plants - they are the protective compounds.

For example: If we are outside and get cold, we can put on a jumper or move to shelter - plants don't have the same option so they need natural inbuilt defence mechanisms - essential oils.


Essential oils can support us in so many different ways.

- Fighting illness
- Building immunity
- Mood management
- Sleep
- Cooking
- Cleaning
- Skin and hair care
- Aromatic use

Oils are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and when diluted appropriately are safe for the whole family.


DOTERRA essential oils can be used in three ways:

- Aromatically: Diffusing oils makes your home smell incredible and benefits your family's health at the same time.
- Topically: You can dilute essential oils and apply directly to the skin to get them into your blood stream quickly - one drop can service every cell in your body.
- Internally: DOTERRA is the only brand of essential oils cleared for internal use. Use as directed for whole of body nourishment.


DOTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. In an unregulated market I want to know the oils I'm using on my children are safe - oils are rigorously tested and are the only oils safe for internal use.

DOTERRA also use co-impact sourcing to get their oils from the country from which the plant originated. This not only means the oils are the purest they can be, grown in their indigenous habitat but also that no one was ripped off in the process. This is why I really love DOTERRA as an organisation. They also operate haling hands which is how they raise money and give back to the farming communities were the oils are farmed. Building schools and other community action projects.


There are three simple ways to get your hands on DOTERRA essential oils.

1. Direct purchase - you can buy oils directly from me but they are more expensive and there are no benefits.

2. $35 membership - open an account to receive 25% off all purchases for the year and ship directly to you. No strings - no reordering or selling required you just pay a yearly membership and pick the oils you want.

3. Enrolment kit - open an account with an enrolment kit and your membership fee is waived. The rest is the same as above - 25% off and no obligations. The enrolment kits are best value.

All new members receive a welcome pack from me as well as ongoing training and support in using your oils. There is also an incredible Loyalty Rewards Program that is completely OPTIONAL - this is a great way to get your oils for less and receive free products.


I would love to support you and have you as a part of our team. If you would like to open an account and save money on your oils:

1. Head to www.mydoterra.com/charliehorsetoys
2. Click Join and Save
3. Choose your country
4. Select Local OTG Order
5. Select Wholesale Prices
6. Enter your details
7. Add products to cart
8. Ship!

OPTIONAL: You can set up another order and start to receive bonuses through the Loyalty Rewards Program if you like, if not simply decline

For more information on essential oils or DOTERRA please send me a message.