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SUBO Food Bottle - Monty


  • Subo is proudly 100% Australian Made, designed and owned. Manufacturing in Melbourne allows us to ensure the highest quality & safety of our products. By supporting Subo Products you are also supporting manufacturing here in Australia.
  • We hold safety in the highest regard when designing and manufacturing our products. The materials used to manufacture the food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone; all are BPA and Phthalate free.
  • We recommend that you do not use Subo in the microwave as it is difficult to test the food temperature inside the bottle. Instead, we suggest that you always check food is heated to the desired safe temperature before loading into Subo.
  • Once the food is heated to the desired safe temperature it can be loaded into Subo. Please ensure you always check the food temperature is suitable prior to giving it to your child.
  • Subo is not designed for liquid drinks, its best used for puree or mashed viscous foods. Some examples of foods that can be used in Subo are: yogurts, smoothies, purred fruits and vegetables, soft breakfast cereals soaked in milk etc.
  • Take apart Subo you should have 7 separate parts. Put them in warm soapy water and wash with a cloth or bottle brush. Please dry each component thoroughly after washing.
  • Do not clean in dishwasher, boiling water or microwave.
  • Before each use, inspect all parts. Replace parts at first sign of damage or weakness. Make sure all parts are secure and in place before feeding.
  • Do not store near a source of heat or in direct sunlight as this may damage the product.
  • Do not microwave or freeze this product.

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