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Ethique Tip-to-Toe - Men's Shampoo & Shaving Bar


Ethique's Men's Shampoo & Shaving Bar is designed for minimum fuss male-grooming. This clever bar acts as an all-in-one shampoo, bodywash and shaving lather. Tip-to-Toe is designed to gently lift the hairs which enables a closer, smoother clean shave. Clay, Cocoa Butter and Orange nourish the skin as they cleanse. This bar is naturally scented with the clean, crisp essential oils of Lime, Orange and Peppermint. Like all Ethique products, this multi-purpose bar is designed to last. One bar of Tip-to-Toe is the equivalent of up to three bottles of liquid shampoo.* Made in NZ. Certified carbon neutral company. 100% biodegradable. Compostable packaging. Certified Palm oil free. Gluten-free. Certified cruelty free & Vegan. * Manufacturer claim NB: This product contains no intentional gluten, however Ethique cannot verify the production processes of their suppliers so this product may not suitable for those with extreme gluten sensitivity.

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