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Tea Tonic - Thermal Bottle Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - 450ml


Designed in Australia this limited edition Thermal Bottle with loose leaf infuser is great for the health conscious person with an active lifestyle. Stays hot for up to 6 hours Stay cold for up to 8 hours Available in Black or Rainbow. How To make your favourite Tea Tonic Hot or Cold Brew Tea: 1) Place 2 heaped teaspoons of your favourite Tea Tonic Loose Leaf Tea into the steel infuser basket and screw basket lid into place 2) Fill the thermal bottle with Hot (not direct from the boil) or cold water. 3) Add fruit or lemon pieces as desired. 4) Pop tea infuser basket into the top of the thermal bottle 5) Let the tea brew 5 minutes for hot teas or 10 minutes for chilled tea. 6) Enjoy!! To prevent leakage, ensure basket lid is tightly screwed into the infuser basket

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